MRP Cockpit

The MRP (material requirements planning) cockpit is an interface of the production planning tool "PPC" for SAP that supports the MRP controller by clearly displaying the planning situation of his materials. In this way, when doing interactive changes, he can immediately see the impact on the capacity load of the concerned machines.

What is material requirements planning?

Within the context of material requirements planning, the responsible MRP controller ensures that the materials for which he is responsible are available on time at every point in the supply chain.

The following must be provided in good time:

  • Raw materials
  • Assembled items
  • Finished products
  • Subcontracted components
  • Stock transfers between plants

This means that material requirements planning is a constant matching of requirements and receipts - similar to the interaction of assets and liabilities or incoming and outgoing on an account.

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How does ITeanova's MRP cockpit support efficient planning in SAP?

Orders with several operations for different processes should be dispatched to several alternative resources: printing - cutting - gluing. The aim is to achieve the best possible sequence for each process. The basis for the point system are setup times, delays to the requirement date, preferably complete capacity utilisation and the priorities of the resources. Different criteria play a role in the determination of points for the setup times, e.g. the number of same colours between predecessor and successor, the same cutting tool and the same dimensions.

MRP elements:

requirements and receipts

As MRP planning consists of a constant matching of requirements and receipts ("MRP elements"), an efficient software that supports the planner in his tasks, should provide as much information as possible about the MRP elements existing for his materials.

This is provided by ITeanova’s MRP cockpit in a detailed manner:

  • Matrix display (per period) of MRP elements with associated configurable key figures (e.g. availability, range of coverage)
    • Categorising requirements and receipts according to flexible criteria, e.g.
    • Requirements according to customers
    • MRP elements generally according to element indicators (e.g. sales order, planned independent requirements, planned order, production order)
    • According to priorities
    • Calculation of flexible key figures for MRP situation
    • Multi-level display taking in to account the bill of material structure
  • Display of MRP elements in different views:
    • On time axis like in MD04, with the option of filtering
    • Requirements and receipts separated
    • Assignments of requirements - receipts per material (single pegging)
    • Assignments of requirements - receipts for multi-level structures (pegging structure)
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Usability and interactive features

  • Simple maintenance of requirements
  • Simple maintenance of receipts
  • Interactively maintain planned and production orders

Integration Forecast

The planned independent requirements resulting from the forecast can be displayed and edited in the MRP cockpit. You can trigger a forecast directly from the MRP cockpit.

Most Important features of the MRP Cockpit

  • Integration of a flexible cockpit to display the MRP situation
  • User-friendly, configurable representation in matrix form
  • Flexible sorting, filtering, field selection
  • Easy order maintenance by inputting and modifying quantities
  • Integration in capacity planning
MRP Features

MRP cockpit subscreens

The screenshot below shows an example of the representation of requirements and receipts (MRP elements) in matrix form with flexible arrangement of MRP elements in the line types set up accordingly in the Customizing for the production planning cockpit "PPC". Additional lines with subtotals and key figures can be defined (e.g. available quantity and ranges of coverage, adjustable via defined filtering of the MRP elements). In addition, the lower part of the screen shows that the key figures defined in the MRP cockpit can be displayed as a graph.

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Integration of the MRP cockpit in the capacity planning functionality of the production planning cockpit "PPC" in SAP.

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Above: MRP cockpit in matrix form with additional columns for key figures (e.g. alert categories) Below: List of MRP elements for a material on the time axis, updated after each simulated change in the cockpit (manually or by using an algorithm)

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