Graphical planning board in SAP

Post-processing of planning result

The graphical planning board in SAP, which is integrated into the production planning cockpit "PPC", provides a quick overview of the resource utilisation situation. It can be combined with tabular views for more detailed information. For efficient detailed planning in SAP, it is important to quickly obtain a user-friendly overview of the overall situation of the dispatched orders and operations, especially with regard to resource utilisation.

The most important features of the graphical planning board:

  • Quick visual identification of bottlenecks due to resource utilisation based on overloads & gaps(i.e. free time intervals on resources)
  • Detect exceptional situations in the supply chain, e.g. orders without availability of components, delayed orders, orders without pegged requirements
  • Identify relationships, e.g. which orders or operations belong to a production structure
  • Be aware of the surroundings of the material requirements planning situation, e.g. inventory history, coverage range
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Advantages of the graphical planning board

The flexibility in the structure of the graphical planning board of the production planning cockpit "PPC" in SAP, provides crucial advantages: Different graphical views of the resource and order situation can be set up. These can be combined with each other and above all with tabular views.

The following view setup logics are possible in the graphical planning board of the PPC in SAP:

  • one line per resource (resource view)
  • one line per operation (operation view)
  • one line per order

Useful combinations of graphic views with tabular views

For example, the graphical planning board as resource view for the dispatched operations and a tabular view for the list of orders to be dispatched.

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