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Costs play a major role in all manufacturing and service companies. There are always several ways to produce a range of products or to fulfil a production plan. In order to run through these options and compare the costs, the best way is to simulate and compare different variants.

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Simulation & Cost Monitoring

Costs may be:

  • Real costs: for example, setup costs or processing costs, which are stored in the master data and used to evaluate different variants.
  • Evaluation schemes based on default weighting of key figures such as storage costs or delivery reliability.
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Costs and simulation in the context of factors and components

What quantity is produced, how and where, at which and at what cost? To answer this in a short and long-term manner, different approaches, and ideas - simulation variants- must be calculated and compared using logistic and imputed key figures.

  • Logistic key figures answer questions such as:
    • Which variant represents the highest delivery reliability?
    • Which variant stands for the best capacity workload?
  • Imputed key figures answer questions such as:
    • Which variant is the most favourable solution?
    • Which variant provides the most favourable solution in certain cost categories?

With the "PPC Simulation Cost Monitor" we offer a particular product for modelling various scenarios. These are evaluated via predefined values for the input data and can be used for simulations.

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Cost maintenance

Each variant can be stored and managed and can be retrieved for visualisation or further processing. Furthermore, many comparisons are available to select the best alternative and activate it.

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Efficient next steps are triggered by activation

  • Adoption for the operational planning
  • Extraction of calculated component requirements for supply-critical parts and raw materials to give the supplier reliable statements concerning future needs
  • Scheduling and planning of machines, personnel, production tools and other necessary resources for production.

All functions of the module "PPC Simulation Cost Monitor"

  • are embedded in the ERP world and its objects, especially in ERP planning scenarios – the tool to simulate in ERP PP
  • can be combined with other PPC modules: Detailed Scheduling, Rough-cut Planning, MRP additions, Availability check, Constraint Management
Point System

Aggregate data display in a cockpit interface with the possibility to compare different planning runs within a single session.

Feature Overview

  • Simulation of requirements with SAP planned requirement versions
  • Full simulation of ERP long-term planning scenarios
  • Numerous cost categories with adjustable values using cost profiles (setup, production, delay or storage costs); various characteristics of the planning objects can be considered (production versions, work centres, resources, component prices, customers, ..)
  • Integration in the detailed planning using PPC Sequencer
  • Integration in the rough-cut planning using PPC Rough-cut Dispatcher
Point System

Adding a new simulated demand for an existing operational situation

Point System

Overview of all simulated requirements within a relevant period

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