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The PPC Master Planner schedules receipts (in-house production and external procurement) on time for demand: The MRP-controller is assisted in his or her task to provide all finished products, semi-finished products as well as raw materials on time and in the required quantity to the correct storage location or plant. Thus, all needed parts are available on time for production or delivery.

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Material Requirements Planning MRP

An overview of the scheduling elements is essential for a forward-looking procurement planning in the context of multi-level production processes and limited resources. It ensures a quick response to problems on subordinate production levels or on capacity bottlenecks. This overview is provided in MRP planning with the PPC Master Planner. With user-friendly and efficient functions, the work for the MRP-controller becomes easier while planning reliability increases.

SAP already offers extensive functionality for Material Requirements Planning with the modules PP and MM. The PPC Master Planner is based on this solid foundation. Due to its seamless integration into SAP standard, all MRP elements (planned and production order, purchase order, purchase requisition, stock transfer etc.) and planning results of the MRP run are considered.

The key benefits of the PPC Master Planner is that it provides the following functions for an optimised MRP, combining a high ability to supply with the lowest possible stocks:

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Transparent overview of the demand and supply situation

In the familiar SAP interface, receipts and demands as well as the available quantity are displayed for each selected material per period (adjustable). Using various filters and layouts, the appearance can be customised to the requirements of the MRP-controller to show the most important information at first sight.

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Overview of the demand and supply situation: materials on different production levels

Flexible configuration of exception messages

Favoured alerts can be set for late receipts, receipts in the past, material shortage, capacity overloads etc. Then the MRP-controller quickly detects problems since the view shows only relevant messages.

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Demand and supply situation with alert monitor

Consideration of capacity bottlenecks

The effects of the demand and supply situation on the capacity workload are shown to detect and resolve overloads early.

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Demand and supply situation with an overview of capacity bottlenecks

Reliable information about material availability gained by assigning receipts and demands on multiple dependent production levels

Dynamic order networks are generated with the assignment of receipts to demands (“pegging”) for multiple production levels. Even in anonymous stock production, the MRP-controller recognises which receipt meets which demand. The delay or advance of the procurement elements can also be checked and rescheduled.

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Demand and supply situation with dynamic order network downwards

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Assignment of receipt and demand per material (“pegging”) for generating dynamic multi-level order networks

Comfortable adjusting of the results of the MRP run

Quantities and dates generated by the MRP run as procurement proposals for purchasing and production can be changed by overwriting the respective data.

Manual planning for master schedule parts

Important materials in the value chain that are not automatically scheduled by the MRP run can be scheduled manually - fast and easily - by entering the required amount in the correct period (“Master Part Scheduling”). For subordinate production levels which are scheduled automatically, corresponding procurement proposals can be created in the same planning session by a simulative automatic MRP run (“MRP light”).

Simulation of changes to the demand and supply situation

The effect simulative changes in quantity or date of the receipts and demands have on capacity workload and subordinate production levels is immediately visible. The MRP-controller can simulate various situations and then save the best result.

Graphical display of MRP indicators

The graphical view of key performance indicators ensures a quick overview of the procurement situation.

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