Are you planning on implementing SAP software or are you already using SAP in your business?

To guarantee an efficient application of a software specifically adapted to your individual requirements, we really look forward to being your competent partner in:

  • Logistics (production, distribution, materials management)
  • Repair and service management
  • Product and process engineering

Get the maximum out of your software

  • Choose the right functionalities
  • Adapt these functionalities by customizing them to suit your processes perfectly
  • realize individual requirements through add-on development

We will support you with our

  • long-time experience and expertise
  • our ideas and innovative methods
  • our analytical and professional approach in a project

S/4HANA Transformation

SAP transformation signifies the comprehensive overhaul of a company's operational framework through SAP solutions. This process entails adopting advanced SAP software systems to streamline operations, enhance data analysis, and facilitate better decision-making. Ultimately, it drives efficiency, fosters innovation, and supports sustainable business growth by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies.

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S/4HANA Migration

Data migration to newer applications is a crucial and necessary event in the lifetime of any IT system and SAP systems are no exception to this rule. Data migration can be a complex and challenging endeavour, with the right approach and the right people, system and data migrations can be carried out successfully.

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Products and Process Engineering

The fact that, due to the complete integration of the PPC in SAP S/4HANA, the planning objects used (master data and transaction data) are identical to those they know from working with the SAP S/4HANA standard, facilitates working with the PPC considerably for many customers.

Whenever SAP S/4HANA external planning tools are used, the data model of these tools is not identical to that of SAP S/4HANA! As a result, the customer must acquire mapping knowledge about which data is stored in SAP S/4HANA and which data is stored in which page that corresponds to the external planning tool.

This effort is completely eliminated with the PPC, which many customers appreciate and which simplifies the introduction, training and explanation enormously.

This also eliminates the need for physical data transfer to the production planning cockpit and back, which also avoids risks of data inconsistencies.

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