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The established HAWE products are of a great variety and contain a very high number of components from the bill of material. Therefore, a transparency of missing parts and procurement networks as well as an efficient planning of demands, orders and purchase orders are essential. As part of the overall SAP ERP implementation, which should support our business processes, ITeanova’s Production Planning Cockpit was integrated into the project scope as a SAP standard tool to cover the described requirements.

The combination of the corresponding modules of the SAP ERP with the production planning cockpit now allows us to master high product and manufacturing complexity, a mixture of make-to-order and make-to-stock production as well as component production and assembly procedures. Delivery bottlenecks and missing components are recognised at an early stage and even exceptional situations are granted a quick reaction. We and our customers have profited greatly.’

  • Nils Mittwollen
  • Director AV Process Organization
  • Hawe Hydraulik SE
  • www.hawe.com
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