Conception and implementation of multi-level production planning in the SAP system

The Objective

Our client in the metal industry has chosen SAP ECC as their premier software solution. In light of their recent acquisition, there is an imperative need to expedite the transition of the newly acquired plant's existing system to their proprietary SAP ECC platform. This transition underscores a strategic move towards streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Within the realm of production planning, the SAP ECC system, while robust, presented certain limitations that did not fully meet the intricate needs of our client's operations. To bridge this gap, we have seamlessly integrated the ITeanova addon along with custom developments tailored to our client's specific requirements. This strategic enhancement is designed to facilitate multi-tiered production planning that meticulously considers quotas, machine and personnel capacities, alongside uninterrupted material availability.

By adopting this comprehensive approach, we are not merely addressing the immediate needs but are paving the way for enhanced transparency and sustainable resource management within the supply chain. This initiative is a testament to our client's commitment to operational excellence and their foresight in leveraging technology to foster a more efficient, resilient, and responsive production ecosystem.


Leveraging the innovative ITeanova Constraint concept, specifically customized for SAP to address the challenges of mapping limited quotas, we have achieved a substantial enhancement across the entire supply chain. This advancement has significantly improved the accuracy of forecasting realistic delivery dates and the overall quality of planning.

Furthermore, our strategic implementation has enabled the integration of machine capacities with restricted quotas for customer groups/markets into a comprehensive, multi-level scenario within the system on a weekly basis. This development not only optimizes resource allocation but also ensures a more efficient and responsive supply chain tailored to meet the dynamic demands of various markets.

Our Consulting:

  • Analysis of actual processes, definitions of requirements and gaps in SAP Standard
  • Concepts for requirements in sales
  • Conceptions for requirements in production planning and execution
  • Organisation of workshops
  • Training
  • Project Management and Controlling

Functional highlights:

  • Sales-specific quotas for a balanced consideration of all quotas for customer order confirmation and delivery
  • Mapping of production restrictions with SAP capacity planning and quota for flexible metrics
  • Mapping of multi-level production at ATP-Check and production detailed scheduling

10 Months

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