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ITeanova is a consulting company in the business software sector. We do not only focus on companies in Germany but also serve many customers abroad. We are supported by our team of experts in Malta. ITeanova represents a community of dedicated professionals who share common goals and values. One of these values is the striving towards the highest quality. From the moment of its conception, ITeanova employees have been contracted by SAP itself for the most prestigious clients in the most complex issues and scenarios. Due to our commitment to the highest quality in this environment, the need for efficient and detailed communication is paramount: communication with the client to gain the necessary understanding of the requirements and communication within the team.

Michael Bleier, the founder of ITeanova, worked for SAP, where he experienced many discussions between different departments about the priorities to be set and the competences required for this. You cannot create or improve integrated software if you act in isolation; the best solutions come from sharing ideas with others who bring different perspectives, visions and expertise. Cohesion and collaboration are important factors, perhaps the most important factors in the ITeanova culture.

And it is in no way in conflict with independent work and individual development - that is always the basis. However, cohesion and cooperation can only develop, where there is a nurturing environment and dedicated supporting culture. We encourage the exchange of ideas and, above all, we encourage mutual support. If a colleague is involved in a project and needs a second opinion, we stand in for each other. This is also appreciated by our clients. When they hire an ITeanova employee, they always hire our whole team!

We stand for pragmatic, rapid solutions and quickly get to the root of the problem. Our moto for managing a project is: we work out where the pitalls and decisive factors are. The rest is a mixture of practice, procedure and our 20 years of experience in the field. Success is decided on the critical issue. This solution-oriented approach ensures finding rapid solutions that the client appreciates and that sets us apart from others.

ITeanova is part of msg, an international group of companies. Together with the msg group, we have more than 40 years of experience in the industry. msg has over 10,000 experts in 32 countries and is represented in the world's most important markets.

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Who are we? An experienced and imaginative player in the SAP world

Since its foundation in 2005, ITeanova has been operating in the SAP "universe" within the environment of business challenges and IT solutions in which the industry world market leader SAP deals in. The SAP software brings significant benefits to countless companies with its extensive network of scenarios, problems and challenges that are addressed and processed. ITeanova has found an area in which our team can develop creativity and a great variety of ideas: the Supply Chain.

SAP Standard, Best Practice and ideas beyond

ITeanova is aware that all new and creative ideas are first built on a solid knowledge base. Therefore, great importance is attached to knowing the SAP standard solutions in detail: both the scenarios that are promoted as "Best Practices" and solutions that go beyond them. How far the SAP standard goes and which problems can be solved through the multi-layered and extensive setting options (system settings, customizing, personalization, master data) - knowing and exploring this requires a lot of initative and effort.

ITeanova is not afraid to analyze how far the SAP Standard can go and where adjustments are needed to get the maximum out of it. In our special field, Supply Chain Management, there will always be scenarios and challenges that cannot be mapped with the SAP standard. In these cases, ITeanova is the ideal partner to implement the most suitable solutions. It is our combination of competences, solid and deep SAP knowledge, SAP experience and inventiveness that puts ITeanova in the position to claim: we are your ideal partner for your supply chain issues!

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