Add-on development in the SAP environment is our core competence. There are many good reasons to entrust ITeanova with this task:

  • High customer satisfaction
    Functionalities developed by ITeanova immediately enhance their customers' process efficiency.
  • Development know-how combined with specialized knowledge of processes and applications
    Forming the basis of successful economic add-on developments.
  • Our involvement in a large number of SAP projects
    Our customers benefit from our insight into SAP software concepts and structures as we can offer them seamless enlargements.
  • Close collaboration with our customers
    Taking into consideration our customers' current and future needs we develop and adapt software. Nevertheless, each requirement is examined thoroughly to find the best solution for each company.
  • Best quality
    An effective development needs plenty of tests and checks before being implemented. We guarantee a smooth process from the very beginning.

Customised Transactions and Programs

There is no limit of what can be done using SAP’s ABAP programming language. Brand new functionality can be developed from scratch or can be based on modified versions of standard transactions and programs. Code is open so it can be supported by your IT team

Operational interactive reports

SAP List view (ALV) reports and ABAP Queries can be quickly implemented to dynamically collect data from different sources, calculate, compare and flag alerts. Then jump to the required transaction or do predefined actions with just one click.

BAdIs and User Exits

These are predefined points in the code with a programmable subroutine. Customer-specific logic can be used to check or modify the data being processed. SAP has been progressively adding more of these options

SAP Enhancements

SAP Enhancements Framework is used to create and organize extensions to SAP’s original code. Custom code can be added before or after any subroutine or function to modify the system behaviour.

Unusual Standard Functionality

SAP has powerful functionalities that may not be included in a first wave implementation to reduce complexity and risk or for lack of knowledge by the consultants. For instance, Variant Configuration can dramatically reduce the required number of BOM and Routings.

Fiori Apps

Many users extract SAP data to Excel to use its flexibility for data analysis and its graphic engine. This makes sense in cases where SAP cannot provide similar functionality without substantial work. Users can be provided with a well designed Excel template using VBA