Production Planning Cockpit

The quality of supply chain management is an important indicator of success for every manufacturing company. The focus in this area is often on production planning. However, an optimisation should consider the functional interaction of the whole chain. A flexible software package that can be adjusted to specific customer requirements makes this possible.

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PPC ATP Planner for SAP

Availability Check

  • Dynamic analysis of multi-level order networks
  • Multi-level rescheduling with capacity levelling
  • Calculation of realistic delivery dates with update of sales order

Rough-cut Dispatcher

Rough-cut Planning

  • Capacity levelling per period (shift, day, week, month)
  • Strategic medium-term and long-term planning
  • Operative planning (preparation for detailed planning)

PPC Sequencer

Detailed Planning

  • Operation sequencing
  • Detailed capacity levelling
  • Setup optimisation

PPC Master Planner

Material Requirements Planning MRP

  • Material requirements planning for receipts (in-house production and external procurement)
  • Simulation of changes to the planning situation
  • Integration of capacity bottlenecks

PPC Production Control

Shop Floor Control

  • Booking of confirmations and status tracking
  • Overview of work progress for orders (”work in process“)
  • Material supply via kanban control or JIT/JIS
  • Rescheduling in the short-term horizon

PPC Simulation Cost Monitor

Simulation and Cost Monitoring

  • Cost-based planning
  • What-if scenarios
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

PPC Capacity and Constraints

Maintenance of Capacity and Constraints

  • Simple modelling of capacity combined with periodic constraints for quantities
  • Mass maintenance of work centres

ITeanova specialises in all topics related to the supply chain. Our experience from numerous challenging projects as well as our creativity put us in a position to support our customers efficiently. We operate in the SAP software environment. Countless companies have chosen to display and organise their core business processes as well as their supply chain with SAP software. Our main goal is to help these customers gain the most from the SAP standard functions and to provide a useful supplement to this standard. The advanced features of ITeanova facilitate the day-to-day work of the user and meet the highest standards for production planning.

We have developed an integrated solution concept: the Production Planning Cockpit “PPC”. The package consists of several modules that can be used independently of one another. They collect and visualise data that are crucial for your economic success. Our cockpit offers the key factors for mapping your processes: it provides transparency and easy to use features. The Production Planning Cockpit is fully integrated in the SAP system, i. e. there are no interfaces. The user notices no visual difference between the modules of ITeanova and the seamless jumps into functions of SAP.

Supply Chain Management

The functionalities of the Production Planning Cockpit consist of:

  • Existing SAP standard functions for production planning combined in a single cockpit for a more efficient handling
  • New features - a perfect blend of design and logic - that have been developed to enhance existing data and basic functions of SAP

The combination of all modules offered by ITeanova represents an ideal comprehensive solution that replaces existing isolated applications. The individual modules are optimally linked so that the transition from one module to another is not noticeable during daily work. It is possible to purchase and combine individual modules. This advantage guarantees the flexibility to configure the solution that matches your requirements as well as your budget. Subsequently acquired modules can be smoothly integrated into the existing solution.

Supply Chain Management

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